National scene: Ten parties
expected to pass KPU test

JAKARTA: An election watchdog has predicted that the General Election Commission (KPU) will only allow 10 political parties to contest the 2014 legislative election.

The National Voters Committee (KPI) said that of 34 political parties currently undergoing factual verification with the KPU only 10 had much chance of passing.

National Coordinator of the KPI Jeirry Sumampow said that of the 10 political parties nine would be established parties which already had seats in the House of Representatives and one would be new.

The new political party will be the National Democratic (NasDem) party.

The KPI predicted that parties which would fail verification and be barred from the 2014 elections would include the Star Crescent Party (PBB), the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKPI), the National Unity Party (PPN) and the National Care for People Party (PPRN).

The Election Organizers Ethics Council (DKPP) ordered the KPU to hold another round of factual verification on 18 parties after the poll organizer passed only 16 parties in November last year.

The KPU is expected to publish the list of eligible parties for 2014 today (Monday).

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