Movie about interfaith
couple reported to police

The latest movie from director Hanung Bramantyo, Cinta Tapi Beda (Love but Different), has been reported to the Jakarta Police by several ethnic-based communities.

The movie depicts an interfaith couple—a Minang-Catholic woman and a Javanese-Muslim man—who are struggling to win the approval of their parents.

The Indonesian Minang Youth Community and Minangkabau Cultural and Society Coordination Body reported the movie for allegedly promoting hatred against the Minang ethnic group.

“Most Minang people are known as devout Muslims. The movie shows the opposite,” community lawyer Zulhendri Hasan said on Monday.

He claimed that most Minang people were offended by dialog in which the female character--played by Agni Pratistha--said that she loved spicy pork, which is forbidden for Muslims.

Zulhendri said that Hanung should have just created an unspecific interfaith couple without explaining the ethnic backgrounds.

He also called on the Film Censorship Board (LSF) to withdraw the movie from theaters, tempo.co reported.

Protests against Hanung’s movies are not unprecedented. Previously, ?, a movie that told the story of conflicts between followers of different religious beliefs in Indonesia, was slammed by the Indonesian Ulema council (MUI) and sparked protests from a number of Islamic groups, including the hardline Islam Defenders Front (FPI). The protests were triggered by, among other things, a female character who converted to Catholicism from Islam. (swd)

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