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Comments: Christmas is
a love story

Dec. 4, p. 4

Let’s imagine that Christmas is a love story. Who is falling in love to whom? First of all, He is God who is falling in love with us, mankind and creatures.

So, Christmas is the story of God’s love for humanity and all creations through Jesus Christ. It’s very real, not a fairytale.

Although there are so many questions about the authenticity and the accuracy about the nativity of Jesus Christ, as Pope Benedict XVI recently argued on his latest book, titled Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives, the Christians never doubt the validity of Christmas. Every Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the central person and figure of the divine love story.

Your comments:

I’m quite sure that Jesus of Nazareth was not born on Dec. 25. Christians in Roman Empire celebrated Dec. 25 as the third day after the winter solstice, the rebirth day of the Invincible Sun, a Middle Eastern god popular with second century Roman elites.

It doesn’t matter if Jesus is just human. It does not matter when he was born, what year, what date. It is the end of the year, and a special one.

The Christmas/New Year week gives us time to reflect, to celebrate our social circle, our path to maturity.

I understand if many people are cynical about Christmas. Call it consumerism. Call it a façade. Call it stupidity. Call it blasphemy.

Everyone needs a special time to give and receive love. You do not have to be a Christian to give and receive love.

Don’t hate. Don’t sneer. If you dislike Christmas because you think other people know less than you, then move on.

Do not force others to agree with you. Do not abuse people who want to celebrate Christmas in their own way.

Stop fighting. Stop ignoring. Stop demanding. Stop rejecting.

Talk. Smile. Give.

Mario Rustan

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