National scene: AGO ‘hesitant’
to probe rights abuses

JAKARTA: Investigations into past human rights abuses are unlikely to be launched in the near future as the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) continues to debate technicalities in the preliminary report by the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM).

On Friday, the AGO claimed that Komnas HAM had misinterpreted its request to complete the report on alleged human rights abuses in 1965-1966.

“Komnas HAM has not followed the directives from our investigators. Instead, it made its own arguments,” Junior Attorney General for Special Crime Andhi Nirwanto said in Jakarta.

According to Andhi, the preliminary report by Komnas HAM is still under review by the AGO, once completed the review will be followed up by an investigation, Antara news agency reported.

The rights body submitted its report months ago but the AGO returned it and asked Komnas HAM to make the document similar to the AGO’s own report style.

Komnas HAM investigated the alleged past human rights abuses for four years — the report could be used as a preliminary document by the AGO.

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