Greater Jakarta: IPB Culture
Collection eying for world
class lab

BOGOR: The Bogor Agricultural Institute Culture Collection (IPBCC) is hoping for recognition as a world reference for fungi and bacterial culture collection as an accredited laboratory for bacterial contamination in 2020.

IPBCC manager Ence Darmo Jaya Supena said that recently the unit had become a member of the Bacteria Curator Communication Forum and World Federation of Culture Collection (WFCC). It has also been listed in World Directory of Microbial Culture Collection (WDMC).

“We hope IPBCC will become the world reference for fungi and bacterial culture collection in the near future. We also aim at getting the accreditation for the test laboratory in 2020,” Ence said on Thursday.

IPBCC, a unit at the biology department since 1986, was established in response to the government’s call for participation from academicians on biosafety and biosecurity as well as to identify the country’s biodiversity.

IPBCC currently has 1,000 samples of fungi and bacteria.

Ence said that the students were currently collecting fungi and mushrooms from all over Indonesia.

“People only know that cultured fungi is needed to make tempeh, while actually there were many fungi with the potential to produce antibiotics,” he said.

Director of Laboratory Accreditation at the National Accreditation Commission, Jhoni B. Napitupulu, said that all laboratories should be seeking accreditation to improve their quality.

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