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Comments: Govt must spend
Rp 290 trillion

Dec. 24, p. 3

The government must spend trillions of rupiah before Dec. 31, as it has failed to meet disbursement deadlines for several big-ticket projects, an NGO has said.

A report released by the Indonesia Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA) said that the government had a whopping Rp 290 trillion (US$30 billion) in funds that had not yet been disbursed for authorized allocations this year, or 27.2 percent of the Rp 1,069 trillion revised state budget for 2012.

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It is good that organizations such as FITRA exist, without them, I believe, most of our taxpayer’s money would end up in the astonishing high salaries for under-performing civil servants and other disguised perks for parasites in the service of the people (who actually only serve themselves).

 Robert L. Stevenson

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