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Comments: Australia eyes
business links in eastern

Dec. 19, p. 3

Australia expects to establish a stronger business presence in its closest neighbor Indonesia, particularly in the eastern part of the archipelago, as part goals to strengthen bilateral economic ties, a top level official says.

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For Australia it is logical to improve close ties with her direct neighbors of which eastern Indonesia is the closest. Australia also is aware of the incapacity of Indonesia’s government(s) to create and maintain sustainability in almost everything they are planning to do.

So ultimately Australia has to develop and create their own certainty and profitability without relying on supporting sectors in the Indonesian government or others — which is what every foreign organization or overseas government is already doing.

Unfortunately, it is not realistic to speak about a win-win situation due to the lack of initiative and capability of one of the parties, which will not really contribute to reaching equal levels of development.

 Jorith Arbier

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