AAIIndonesian Advocates' Association
AAPMIAssociation of Indonesian Fashion Designers
ABRIIndonesian Armed Forces
ADRIIndonesian Army
AEIIndonesian Public Companies Association
AFAASEAN Federation of Accountants
AICEAssociation of Indonesian Coffee Exporters
AICESSCCIndonesia-China Economic Social and Cultural Cooperation Association
AIMMIAssociation of Indonesian Edible Oil Industries
AIPIAssociation of Indonesian Political Scientists
AIPOASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization
AJIAlliance of Independent Journalists
AKABRIArmed Forces Academy
ALRIIndonesian Navy
AmdalThe Environmental Impact Analysis
AMMASEAN Ministerial Meeting
AMNNational Military Academy
AMTTangerang Military Academy
ANEXASEAN News Exchange
AP3IIndonesian Retailers Association
APBNState Budget
APECAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APECCAsia Pacific Exhibition and Convention Council
APEIIndonesian Securities Companies
ApfindoIndonesian Meat Producers and Feedlot
APHIAssociation of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires
APIIndonesian Textile Association 2nd ref association
ApindoIndonesian Employers Association
APJATIAssociation of Labor Export Companies
APKIIndonesian Pulp and Paper Association
ApkindoAssociation of Indonesian Wood Panel Producers
ApnatelIndonesian Telecommunications Association
ApodetiProintegration group in East Timor
AprindoAssociation of Indonesian Retailers
ArpindoIndonesian Association of Pager Operators
AskindoIndonesian Cocoa Association
ASEANAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations
ASEANCCI ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ASEMAsia-Europe Meeting
AsireviVideo Film Importers Association, 2nd ref association
ASIRIRecording Industry Association
ASITAAssociation of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies
AskesState-owned Health Insurance Company
AspadinAssociation of Indonesian Producers of Packaged Drinking Water
AspilukiIndonesian Computer Software Association
ASRIIndonesian Fine Arts Academy
AstekState insurance program
ATFASEAN Tourism Forum
ATNINational Theater Academy of Indonesia
AURIIndonesian Air Force
BapebtiIndonesian Commodities Exchange Agency
BakinState Intelligence Coordinating Board 2nd ref board
BAKNInstitute of State Personnel Administration
BakorlakAn interdepartmental agency for drug control
BakornasPB National Disaster Management Coordination Board
BakorstanasAgency for the Coordination of Support for the Development of National Stability
BakorstanasdaThe Jakarta Agency for the Coordination of Support for the Development of National Stability
BakosurtanalCoordinating Body for Survey and National Charting Development Board
Bakom-PKBCoordinating Body for National Unity
BamusHouse's Consultative Body
BamusBetawi Native Jakartans Association
BandungwangiMutual Support for Friendship and Protection (a help group for Kramat Tunggak prostitutes)
BanproBandung Promotion Group (setup by leading Bdg hotels)
BapedalEnvironmental Impact Management Agency, agency
BapekaSupreme Audit Body
BapekstaExport Service Facilitating Agency
BapedaldaRegional Environmental Impact Management Agency
BapepamCapital Market Supervisory Agency,
BapfidaFilm Control Agency or City Film Control Agency
BapindoIndonesian Development Bank
BappedaCity's Development Planning Board
BappebtiFutures Exchange Supervisory Board
BappenasNational Development Planning Board
BatanNational Atomic Energy Agency
BAZIS an(Islamic) board which oversees the collection of alms
BepedtiCommodities Trading Board
BIAArmed Forces Intelligence
BIDABatam Industrial Development Authority
BIDSUSAn agency responsible for fighting certain crimes, like subversion, corruption and smuggling
BIMP-EAGAEast Asian Growth Area composed of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
BKKBNNational Family Planning Board
BKKKSSocial Welfare Coordinating Body
BKPMInvestment Coordinating Board
BKPMDRegional Investment Coordinating Board
BKSDANatural Resources Conservation Center a local natural conservation office
BKSPGreater Jakarta Coordination Board
BLHIBoard of the Indonesian Environment Management
BMGMeteorology and Geophysics Agency
BotabekBogor, Tangerang and Bekasi
BP7Referred to as: an agency for the study of the state-ideology Pancasila and Agency for the Propagation of Pancasila) OR an agency entrusted with the task of disseminating the state-ideology Pancasila
BPDRegional Development Bank
BPENNational Agency for Export Development, 2nd ref agency
BPHNAgency for National Legal Development
BPIThe over-the-counter market, the Indonesian Parallel Bourse (stock exchange)
BPISStrategic Industries Supervisory Agency whose 10 strategic industries also include rail, weapons, explosives and telecommunications companies.
BPKSupreme Audit Agency (was Bapeka)
BPKPDevelopment Finance Controller
BPNNational Land Agency
BPPCClove Marketing and Buffer Stock Agency
BPPIIndonesian Tourism Promotion Board
BPPKAn agency to supervise the affairs of national heroes and their widows
BPPKAForeign Contractors Management Body
BPPTAgency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, chaired by State Minister of Research and Technology
BPSCentral Bureau of Statistics
BPUTLand Affairs Office
BRIEFBusiness Review Indonesia Forum
BRNState Secrets Agency, later became Bakin
BulogState Logistics Agency
BUMNState-owned enterprises
CBSAIndonesian "active learning method" education system
CESDACenter for the Study of Development and Democracy
CGIConsultative Group on Indonesia (was IGGI)
CIDESCenter for Information and Development Studies
CIFORCenter for International Forestry Research
CNPPA-SEACommission on National Parks and Protected Areas for South East Asia
CNRTConselho National de Resistancia Timorese, an East Timor resistance movement (National Resistance Council for an Independent East Timor)
CPISCenter for Policy and Implementation Studies (of the Ministry of Finance)
CRPCommunity Recovery Program, an NGO entrusted with distributing safety net funds from foreign donors
DAMRIState-run bus company
DekopinIndonesian Cooperatives Council
DepanriNational Aeronautics and Aviation Council
DFNNational Film Board
DIAAceh Special Province
DinasAutonomous agency offices under the governor or mayor/regent
DIYYogyakarta Special Province
DKIJakarta Special Province
DKPOfficers Honor Council or Honorary Press Council
DKSSurabaya arts council
DLLAJCity Land Transportation Agency
DOMMilitary operation areas
DPASupreme Advisory Council (this body advises the President on matters in various sectors)
DPISAgency for the Supervision of Strategic Industry
DPKEKUIndonesian Economic and Finance Reselience Council
DPNNational Productivity Council
DPRHouse of Representatives
DPRD IProvincial Legislative Council for provinces; City Council for cities
DPRD IIRegional Legislative Council for provinces; City Council for cities
DRNNational Research Council
DSNNational Standardization Board (environmental)
EAGAEast ASEAN Growth Area, encompassing Indonesian provinces of North Sumatra and Aceh, the western parts of Malaysia and Thailand's southern areas.
ECONITAdvisory Group on Economic Industry and Trade
EJIPEast Jakarta Industrial Park
EKONIDGerman-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ELSAMInstitute for Policy Research and Advocacy
ET(Ex-political prisoner/former political detainee
ETANEast Timor Alert Network
FASIIndonesian Aerosport Federation
FCHIA Hindu intellectual organization.
FEUIUniversity of Indonesia's School of Economics
FISIPSchool of Social and Political Science of University of Indonesia
FKIIndonesia Working Forum
FKKPForum of Communication for Counterbalance Group
FKPGACommunications Forum for Retired Garuda Employees
FKPPICommunication Forum of Indonesian Veterans' Children
FKSHForum of Social and Humanistic Studies in Yogyakarta.
ForeriForum for the Reconciliation of the Irian Jaya Community
ForkiIndonesian Karate Federation
Fosko66 Forum, Studi dan Komunikasi, a study and communication forum
FPMRForum for Students and People Movement
FPRReformed Entrepreneurs Forum

G30SAbortive coup by the Indonesian Communist Party on Sept. 30, 1965.
GabsiIndonesian Contract Bridge Association
GaikindoAssociation of Indonesian Automotive Industries
GapensiIndonesian Builders Association