• US Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino

    A Philippine court on Tuesday convicted a US Marine of killing a Filipino last year after he discovered she was a transgender woman in a hotel while he was on a break after participating in joint military exercises in the country.

  • Diplomats: NATO to invite Montenegro to join alliance

    Diplomats say NATO foreign ministers are expected to invite the small Adriatic Sea country of Montenegro into the military alliance despite the objection of Russia.

  • Climate talks get down to tough business of compromise

    From deserts encroaching on African farmland to rising sea levels shrinking islands of the South Pacific, leaders of poor nations most affected by climate change shared their stories of global warming with leaders of some of the richest on Tuesday.

  • Rights group say blockade puts Nepalese children at risk

    Child rights groups warned Tuesday that shortages of fuel, medicine and other supplies in Nepal due to a border blockade with India are putting millions of children at the risk of disease and even death.

  • Xi, Obama pledge to manage differences in constructive manner

    China and the United States pledged to manage differences and sensitive issues in a constructive manner on Monday, in addition to commitment to a climate change agreement at the international talks in Paris.

  • Brazil police kill 5 young men; officers detained

    Police in Rio de Janeiro say they've detained several of their own officers for an incident in which police apparently fired at a car and killed five young men.

  • Texas threatens resettlement agency over Syrian refugees

    Texas wanted assurances Monday from a major resettlement agency that it will not accept Syrian refugees and threatened legal action if Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's orders are defied.

  • US House may move quickly to overhaul visa waiver program

    Congress may move quickly to overhaul a program that allows travel to the U.S. with no visa, something that has come under criticism following the Paris terror attacks.

  • Climate talks: What's happened and what's next

    An unprecedented number of world leaders joined together Monday to give a boost to difficult, years-long efforts to fight climate change collectively.

  • To tackle smog, Beijing tells 2,000 factories to stop work

    Environmental watchdogs strengthened inspections to reduce pollutant emissions as the air quality deteriorated on Monday to the most severe readings in the country's northern regions, including the worst this year in Beijing.

  • Pope: There are bigger issues than condoms and HIV

    Pope Francis has dismissed a question about whether condoms can be condoned in the fight against AIDS by saying there are more important issues confronting the world, like malnutrition, environmental exploitation and the lack of safe drinking water.

  • Batam ferry accident: Panic grips passengers as life rafts take in water

    When their ferry was hit by an object, they escaped onto life rafts, only to feel their hearts sink when water started to seep in.

  • Pink joins UNICEF in fight to end child malnutrition

    Trailblazing pop star Pink saw firsthand severely malnourished children during a recent visit to Haiti as a part of a UNICEF program to provide therapeutic food packets to children in need.

  • Obama, Putin discuss Syria, Ukraine during climate talks

    President Barack Obama urged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday to decrease tensions with Turkey, as the US and Russian leaders met briefly on the sidelines of global climate talks outside Paris.

  • Beijing air pollution reaches extremely hazardous levels

    Beijing suffered its worst air pollution of the year on Monday, with monitoring sites throughout the city reporting extremely hazardous levels of pollutants.

  • Thai opposition figures detained ahead of scandal park visit

    Soldiers and police in military-run Thailand detained two top leaders of the anti-government Red Shirt movement Monday as they were set to visit a park celebrating past Thai kings that's at the center of a corruption scandal linked to the army.

  • Russia to impose food ban in new sanctions against Turkey

    Russia will restrict imports of Turkish fruit and vegetables as part of a package of new sanctions following the downing of a Russian warplane by Turkey last week.

  • PM: Turkey won't apologize to Russia over downing of jet

    Defying calls from Moscow, Turkey's prime minister said Monday that his country won't apologize to Russia for shooting down a warplane operating over Syria, saying the Turkish military was doing its job defending the national airspace.

  • Storm batters southern Scandinavia

    Officials say that more than 35,000 people were without electricity in Sweden on Monday after a storm battered southern Scandinavia, damaging buildings, toppling trees, canceling trains and closing bridge links between Denmark and Sweden.

  • End AIDS with a fresh approach: WHO

    The WHO Southeast Asia is calling on countries in the region to prioritize HIV intervention in a drive to end AIDS by 2030, a target set in the newly agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).