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  • Comments on other issues: US jury orders death for marathon bomber

    A jury sentenced Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death Friday for the Boston Marathon bombing, sweeping aside pleas that he was just a “kid” who had fallen under the influence of his fanatical older brother.

  • Issues of the day: RI consulate receives threatening letter

    The Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney, Australia, received an anonymous letter containing threats to Indonesians, which was believed to be related to the recent executions of Australian drug convicts Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, consul general Yayan GF Mulyana said on Tuesday.

  • Text your say: Rohingya migrants

    Your comments on the arrivals of more than 1,000 Rohingya in Aceh after being at sea for three months and what indonesia and other ASEAN countries should do to resolve the issue ,the migrants from myanmar have been denied entry to other countries.

  • Your letters: Helping the Rohingya

    Reports on the hundreds of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants trying to enter Indonesian territory have headlined in several prominent national newspapers. The first wave of migrants was met with a relatively positive response, as local fishermen attempted to rescue them and bring them ashore safely. However, the Indonesian government reacted quite differently from the humanitarian spirit shown by its people.

  • Your letters: Why is only Indonesia bullied?

    Needless to say, Indonesia’s decision to give drug smugglers the death sentence elicited protests, especially among countries whose citizens were involved in the smuggling.

  • Comments on other issues: 43 officers dismissed for drug abuse

    Jambi Police chief Brig. Gen. Bambang Sudarisman said on Sunday that at least 43 police officers had been dismissed over the last year for consuming drugs. “A drug emergency has been declared in Jambi due to rampant drug use,” Bambang said, adding that the Jambi Police would not hesitate to take stern action against any officers involved in drug-related cases.

  • Text your say: Rohingya migrants

    Your comments on the arrivals of more than 1,000 Rohingya from Myanmar in Aceh after being at sea for three months who have been denied entry to other countries and what Indonesia and other ASEAN countries should do to solve the Rohingya issue:

  • Your letters: Treat IS seriously

    This is a comment on an article titled “Legion of foreign fighters battles for Islamic State,” (The Jakarta Post Online/AP, May 20). If Islamic State (IS) is not treated seriously by the Western world I can totally see Baghdad falling within six months to a year.

  • Your letters: Condemning virginity tests

    Hearing the commander of the Indonesian Military (TNI) demanding the virginity test for female recruits joining the Indonesian military was hugely disturbing for me. I believe many agree with me on this.

  • Comments on other issues: Police arrest ‘celebrity’ pimp in Jakarta hotel

    Undercover officers working with the South Jakarta Police arrested an alleged pimp identified as RA, 32, and an alleged sex worker identified as AA, 22, at a five-star hotel in South Jakarta on Friday. RA allegedly employed up to 200 sex workers, some of whom are known to the public. According to the police, AA was in a hotel room when RA, who was waiting for AA in the lobby, was arrested.

  • Issues of the day: House to prioritize alcohol prohibition bill

    House of Representatives Speaker Setya Novanto says the completion of deliberations of several draft bills will be prioritized during the House’s fourth sitting period of 2014-2015.

  • Your letters: Navy’s research vessel

    This refers to an article titled “Navy welcomes new sophisticated research vessel,” (The Jakarta Post Online, May 15.)

  • Your letters: Graft convicts deserve execution

    I refer to an article titled “Jokowi says he’s no coward,” (The Jakarta Post, May 17, p2).

  • Comments on other issues: Ban Ki-moon’s troubling leadership

    Recently, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked Indonesia to stop the planned executions of nine convicted drug-related criminals, but to no avail. It was the third time he had called on Indonesia to halt the execution plans.

  • Comments on other issues: Church demands compensation

    The Timor Evangelical Church (GMIT) in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province has demanded that the Australian government immediately compensate fishermen deprived by the Montara oil spill in the Timor Sea in August 2009.

  • Clarification

    On page 8 of the May 19 edition of The Jakarta Post, we reprinted our online report of May 14 titled “Indonesia not to expel Rohingyan displaced”, which quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir as saying that the regional administration in cooperation with the IOM would look for uninhabited islands in the country on which to accommodate the Rohingya.

  • Issues of the day: City to execute raids on expatriates’ residences

    The Jakarta Population and Civil Registration Agency has aired plans to launch raids on expatriates’ homes in Jakarta, following reports that many foreigners lack proper documents. Agency head Edison Sianturi said the agency was currently mapping residential areas to target.

  • Your letters: Makassar Private sector in health care?

    This is a comment on an article titled “Involving the private sector in universal health care?” (The Jakarta Post, May 18) by Dominic Montagu.

  • Issues of the day: Indonesia not to expel Rohingyan displaced

    The Indonesian government has no plans to undocumented migrants people from Myanmar and Bangladesh who were rescued after they became stranded on Aceh waters. “Indonesia is not a signatory of the 1951 Convention on Refugees but has implemented the non-refoulement principle,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said on Thursday.

  • Text your say: New deal for Papua

    Your comments on a breakthrough made by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo for Papuans that includes opening access for foreign media to Papua and West Papua provinces, freeing political prisoners and launching a number of projects:

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