• Ahok launches BRT buses, issues ultimatum to APTB

    As many as 300 bus rapid transit (BRT) vehicles will be provided by the Transportation Ministry for operation by the state-run city bus company (PPD).

  • Fire in Taxation Directorate General’s office

    Twenty-two fire trucks are still on location following a fire incident at the Taxation Directorate General’s office in South Jakarta.

  • Greater Jakarta: PPD introduces onboard bus e-ticketing

    Albeit late, Indonesia is set to see its first onboard e-ticketing system on a city bus, led by state-run bus company Perum PPD.

  • Greater Jakarta: MRT project prepares for tunneling phase

    MRT project operator PT MRT Jakarta is currently preparing to welcome a giant tunnel-boring machine (TBM) to construct its underground routes.

  • Greater Jakarta: ‘Ojek’ driver released after wrong conviction

    The Jakarta High Court has ruled in favor of an ojek (motorcycle taxi) driver identified as Dedi, who had been sentenced to two years in prison by the East Jakarta District Court for murdering a minibus driver near the PGC Cililitan shopping center in East Jakarta, but appealed his sentence.

  • Developers ignoring obligation to build low-cost apartments

    As Jakarta’s shortfall of affordable housing deepens, many developers are failing to meet their obligation to build low-cost apartments, a stipulation of permits to construct commercial buildings in the capital.

  • Ahok helps street sweeper fix her granddaughter’s school registration error

    Bella Jane, granddaughter of street sweeper Meity, enjoyed her first day of school at SMP 277 state junior high school in Koja, North Jakarta, on Wednesday.

  • East Flood Canal to host Betawi festival on Friday

    The city administration plans to hold the Betawi cultural festival at the East Flood Canal in Duren Sawit on Friday.

  • Greater Jakarta: Two Bekasi men die of bootleg alcohol

    Two men died in Bekasi, West Java, after drinking a ginseng drink mixed with 95 percent alcohol, an officer from Bekasi Police said on Wednesday.

  • Greater Jakarta: KJP holders can shop in affordable markets

    Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) holders will be allowed to purchase school equipment in shops at traditional markets across the capital.

  • Greater Jakarta: Tanzanian arrested for drug smuggling

    Soekarno-Hatta International Airport’s customs and excise officers have arrested a Tanzanian woman, identified as MA, for trying to smuggle 32 capsules of drugs from Tanzania, a customs official said on Wednesday.

  • Greater Jakarta: Bekasi to have state university

    West Java’s Bekasi city administration is set to acquire a private university, Islam ‘45 University (Unisma), and change its name to Bekasi State University.

  • City turns to private companies to renovate bus stops

    The Jakarta administration is set to release the tender for the renovation of 300 existing bus stops as part of the public transportation revitalization program.

  • Law enforcers told to consider science in sexual abuse cases

    Forensic experts are urging law enforcers to heed results of scientific examinations by credible professionals in order to avoid charging innocent people in child sexual abuse cases.

  • Greater Jakarta: Kopaja drivers on strike over new ban

    As many as 15 drivers of the 502 Kopaja minibus route, which travels from Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta, to Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, staged a strike to protest the city’s new policy that prohibited them from picking up passengers in front of the Tanah Abang station.

  • Greater Jakarta: Car shot by unidentified driver on toll road

    A car driver shot another car on Monday on the Jakarta Outer Ring Road in Cipayung, East Jakarta.

  • Greater Jakarta: City to build street vendor centers

    The city administration plans to buy several vacant land plots in the capital to cater to street vendors, so their businesses would not disturb public order.

  • Greater Jakarta: Abusive mother gets detention suspension

    South Jakarta Police suspended the detention of a mother who was named as a suspect for allegedly abusing her 12-year-old son in response to a request from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI).

  • Kp. Pulo residents, city drafting MoA

    Residents of the banks of Ciliwung in Kampung Pulo, East Jakarta and the Jakarta administration are currently drafting a memorandum of agreement (MoA) to legalize their previous verbal agreement to build a low-cost apartment complex over their residence in Kampung Pulo.

  • Greater Jakarta: City to build clinic for the mentally ill

    The Jakarta Social Agency is to build a psychosis clinic, which is said to be similar to a rehabilitation center, for residents with social and community problems (PMKS), especially for mentally ill homeless people.