• Five people linked to terrorist group arrested

    The National Police’s Densus 88 counterterrorism unit has arrested five people in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, over their alleged roles in terrorist groups.

  • Banyumas administration to close down 19 Alfamart outlets

    A  Banyumas regency official has said that his office intends on shutting down 19 Alfamart outlets due to permit violations. The tough decision was made following the stores inability to fulfill certain requirements of their permits.


  • Resident murdered by radical group in Poso, say police

    Poso resident M. Fadli, 50, was killed in front of his house in Padalembara village, Poso Pesisir Selatan district, Central Sulawesi, on Thursday at around 10 p.m. local time, with a severe slash wound to his neck.

  • Traces of older civilization found at Gunung Padang site

    Traces of a civilization estimated to be older than those that built the Egyptians pyramids have been uncovered by the National Team for the Preservation and Management of Gunung Padang Site in Karyamukti subdistrict, Campaka district, Cianjur regency, West Java. The finding was revealed during the visit of Education and Culture Minister M. Nuh to the megalithic site on Wednesday.

  • South China Sea conflict a real threat to Indonesia

    Indonesia has been warned that the territorial conflict over the South China Sea is a real threat that will sooner or later impact this country.

  • Pieces of human body found in a pond

    Pieces of a human body suspected to be a victim of mutilation were found in a retention pond in Genuk district, Semarang city, Central Java.

  • Germany keen to invest in North Sumatra

    The German government has expressed its interest in investing in North Sumatra, especially in the energy and transportation sectors.

  • Police arrest Chinese nationals for fraud

    South Sulawesi Police arrested two Chinese citizens as they alighted from a plane at the Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport on Thursday evening.

  • Mount Slamet activities recede

    The volcanic activities of Mount Slamet have somewhat diminished and rumbles have not been heard coming from the volcano in the past 24 hours.

  • Sharia penalty

    A masked and hooded official (right) canes an Acehnese man for gambling in Banda Aceh on Friday. Nine men were caned in public in Aceh, the only province to implement sharia law, for gambling. (AFP/Chaideer Mahyuddin)

  • Fire guts Yogyakarta flea market

    A fire has gutted a flea market in Wirobrajan, Yogyakarta, destroying around 80 kiosks in the market. The fire, which according to witnesses may have been caused by a short circuit, broke out at around 12 a.m. Friday morning.


  • Sumedang regent refuses to go, despite being named graft suspect

    Sumedang Regent Ade Irawan has refused to step down, arguing that he had not as yet received written confirmation from prosecutors regarding his legal status.

  • Gerindra announces Bantul regency hopeful

    The Gerindra Party has officially named Aryo Winoto, a nephew of the late president Soeharto, as its candidate for the office of Bantul regent.

  • American suspects deny involvement in murder

    Heather Lois Mack, 18, and Tommy Schaefer, 21, the US couple who allegedly killed Mack’s mother and put her body into a suitcase, continue to deny the murder accusation leveled against them.

  • Stall owners need temporary kiosks

    On the second day after their kiosks were destroyed by fire, vendors at the Parangtambung market in Makassar, South Sulawesi, are anxiously awaiting a decision from the municipality on the construction of temporary stalls.

  • Councilors use letters of appointment to get loans

    Less than a month after being sworn in as councilors in Bantul regency for the 2014-2019 term of office, many have produced their letters of appointment as councilors as collateral to get loans from banks.

  • Sumedang regent named graft suspect

    The West Java Prosecutors’ Office has named Sumedang Regent Ade Irawan a suspect in graft allegations connected to a series of trips he took when he served as Cimahi City Council (DPRD) speaker.

  • Smoldering

    Mount Slamet spews lava and gas during its eruption as seen from Pandansari village in Brebes, Central Java, Indonesia, Thursday. (AP/Idhad Zakaria)

  • Air pollution

    A boat passes next to the Ampera bridge as thick haze blankets in Palembang on Thursday. Indonesia's parliament on Tuesday agreed to ratify a regional agreement on cross-border haze as fires ripped through forests in the west of the country, choking neighboring Singapore with hazardous smog. (AFP /Abdul Qodir)

  • Gotcha!

    A sharia policeman stops motorists wearing tight trousers in Banda Aceh on Thursday. Aceh is the only province in Indonesia to implement sharia law where Muslim women are obliged to wear Muslim clothes, covering their hair with veils and no tight trousers. (AFP/Chaideer Mahyuddin)